New title available for pre-order!

sastruga cover_500Hey hey a new title is now available for pre-order! Do you like the woods, winter, ghosts, ermine, solitude, and that creeping sense of dread when you can’t sleep at night? Then you’ll love this one.

You can pre-order right now but it will drop on September 1. The linked image goes to the U.S. version of Amazon, but this title is available everywhere. Enjoy and remember to review your favorite books on Amazon and Goodreads!

Ivar Morozov has spent forty winters trapping on the Siberian taiga, and this winter is his last. He has only to catch a few furs, shut up his cabins, and retire to his wife and grandchildren. His life has been hard but he has been an honest man, and is looking forward to a happy retirement.

Then he comes across a grisly scene in the snow: a beautiful woman in an ermine coat, horribly mutilated and left for dead … except that she’s still alive. What is her story? Who left her there? What did they want? And are they going to show up at his remote trapper’s cabin, asking questions, if he takes her? Ivar curses his fate but knows he must save her life. He is, after all, a good man, and she is, after all, helpless and in need.

… Or is she? As she regains strength Ivar finds himself more and more drawn to her strange, silent ways and less and less sure that the life he has lived has been honest, or that he deserves to be happy. What will he do with the woman when she is well enough to travel, and more importantly, what will he do with himself?

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