Poking around

November has been a nice month, weather-wise. After a sopping-wet October we got some sun and a few rainless days–time to do all the things we should have been doing a month earlier. Plant bulbs. Put the gardens to bed. Take walks.


When the sun’s shining it’s time to be outdoors, getting as much free vitamin D as possible. Snooping through the outbuildings is a good way to pass the time. Who knew we had a rabbit hutch?


I love rusty hardware.


Anyone know what this is for? I didn’t. Answer: it’s an enormous dipstick for measuring the level of fuel oil in our tank.


The days are short here in the winter. This is my shadow at 1:30 pm.


Paddock fences. How I love our paddock fences.


My husband thinks he can save this henhouse. I’m not so sure. It’s already bowing and warping more than when we bought the place 1.5 years ago, and it lost half a panel in a summer windstorm. Clucking at the neighbor’s chickens might be as close as we get to livestock.


Did I say it rains? I think I won’t check the blackberry patch just now.


These adorable berries grow on a woody vine that’s climbing our old lady hawthorn tree. The berries are bittersweet-colored in autumn and darken to nearly-red in winter. I should figure out what this is. They look like tiny rosehips, but I don’t think the vine flowers.


The witch’s rock is drowned. The little hawthorn beside it sprung up this summer, and makes me so happy.


Haws are the berries on hawthorn trees. As for the thorns …


3 thoughts on “Poking around

  1. Your posts are like reading Martha Stuart for me. I just read them and go “I’m glad someone lives this way. I could not live this way.” But they make me feel, just for a moment, like I could knit socks.

    • Hm. The old-horse-farm aspect isn’t too daunting; we live ten minutes from shopping, and my husband likes his riding mower. The lack of light in winter gets a little oppressive, I admit.

  2. I love your paddock fences too and I would totally live at your place! It looks amazing. The idea of exploring your home is wonderful and I’m feeling inspired to go and do it myself. So if I disappear off the web, you’ll know I fell down a ridiculously steep hill in the bush and skewered myself on something. 🙂

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