Kells socks


I finished a pair of socks. Kells socks are made with KnitPicks Hawthorne. It’s my first pair with this yarn, and I’m happy with it. Comes in lots of gorgeous multi- and kettle-dyed colors, is reasonably priced, and has a nylon content, so the socks should wear well. It’s a twisty two-ply yarn, similar to Claudia Handpaints and Cherry Tree Hill. It knit up very nicely–not splitty at all–so if it holds its color in the wash (and they’re in the wash RIGHT NOW), I’ll declare it an all-around winner.


The cable is a basic five-strand braid. I crossed cables every third row, for a six-row repeat. A single purl-stitch gutter at either side. And I knit them on size 0 needles. My old favorite needles have changed over the years, so I can’t buy new ones. I decided to make the change to KnitPicks … and they don’t make 2.25mm needles in the length I want. So down to 2mm it was. I don’t think there’s any difference in the finished product.


Toe-up, Turkish cast on of 14sts, 60 sts around the foot, increase to 62 just before the short-row heel.


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