Wordjoy: literary

Hey ho, it’s Saturday Wordjoy in the Settlement. Today’s entry is short but, I hope, rewarding. It’s terms that have to do with publishing and book reading. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this corner of existence gets a lot of exceptionally lovely words.

Rarissima is the word for exceptionally rare published things, whether books, pamphlets, or prints.

Marginalia is the word for notes you make in the margins as you read. I know marginalia is a sort of shibboleth in the world of readers, but let’s all try to get along for a moment, here.

Florilegia means “garden of words.” It’s a collection of pieces relating to a certain subject, whether poems, essays, or short quotations.

A colophon is the little picture above a publisher’s name on the spine of a book.

A bibliotaph–I believe I have mentioned before–is a person who hoards books.

And that’s Wordjoy for this week. It’s been fun–hope to see you again soon.


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