Wordjoy: sheepish

Hi ho, time for a new Saturday Wordjoy.

I have a confession. Today I am sending you to someone else’s .pdf document, because there’s no point in rote copying. It is the officially official, super legitimate, for realz so don’t kid around list of wool colors and markings on Shetland sheep, and here it is. Bask in the beautiful words. Blaget. Moget. Flecket. Yuglet. If I herded sheep on a windswept North Sea island, I hope the words rolling around my mouth would be as delightful.

People have been dyeing wool for almost as long as they’ve been shearing it, but sheep come in a delightful array of browns and grays all their own. It’s difficult to make a commercial run of these colors, but a couple of intrepid companies–Jamieson, Jamieson & Smith, and the (I believe defunct) Kimmet Croft–do or did it. I recently splurged on half a dozen colors of Jamieson Ultra. Here they are for you to cross-reference with the document at the link. You’ll notice that the color sholmit is listed as a marking pattern there, and that there are alternate spellings: musket/mooskit, mogit/miogit.








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