Pink flowers

In Illinois the pink wildflowers were over by the end of May, and all summer the flowers were yellow, orange, and white. Here, the pink just keeps going and going. Cranesfoot geraniums, purple peavine, red clover, foxglove, fireweed, sweet peas (yes, they grow wild, in whole HEDGES here), wild roses, comfrey, hardhack, butterfly bush, and thistles of all kinds. Love it.


The Anna in me is happy to tell you this is some sort of boraginaceae. Comfrey, specifically.


Did I talk about hardhack? It’s native here. Useful for privacy hedges, and the flowers are lovely.


And the thistles. I like to pretend it’s like Scotland here, with the mountains and the sea, the enormous old pines and the Scotch broom. And these.



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