Hubris socks

So named because these are the socks that inspired my NEXT mad project … which you’ll be hearing about.


Just like with the Rivendell socks, I was able to knit this pattern from my head, and isn’t THAT addictive. Yes, yes it is. Plain knitting suddenly seems boring beyond words (I know; I know. Don’t say it) and color knitting too fiddly to be bothered with. But cables and knit-purl patterns? YES! The stitches of my ancestors! Þæt wæs god cyning!


This is my second pair knit with Scheepjes Invicta Extra. I was slightly annoyed to find a slub of lavender-colored fiber in the middle of one of my skeins … but oh well. Hand knitting should not, I feel, strive for perfection. It is a human craft with human errors and blah blah blah. Takeaway message: I didn’t cut the lavender slub out, and it’s now a permanent part of one sock.


Further details on my Ravelry page.


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