Wordjoy: new in the notebook

Hidey-ho, it’s Saturday Wordjoy, back after a hiatus. I have kept blogs for fifteen years now. I’m really good at posting lots of entries to them. I have been surprised to discover just how hard it is to maintain a regular, weekly entry on a particular subject, though. Color me surprised. So Wordjoy won’t be every Saturday from now on, but when I have some particularly good words saved up, I’ll share them with you.

So here we go: all the new words in my notebook since the last time I saw you.

Hoosegow is North American slang for prison

Automagical means appearing to happen by magic

A velleity is an idle wish, made without any intention of making it come true

Selenotropism is grown in response to moonlight. Whether this is a biological fact or an automagical velleity, I haven’t researched.

Banjaxed is Irish slang for broken, ruined, or destroyed

Campestral means relating to fields or open country (I told you there were a lot of “has the quality of” words)

A hivernant is a Metis hunter/trapper who overwintered on the Northern Plains, during the days of the fur trade, in order to hunt winter buffalo pelts to sell to the traders. A French verb that goes with that is hiverner, meaning to overwinter.

A nagoonberry is the familiar name for the Arctic raspberry, an exceptionally fine-tasting fruit that grows up the Pacific coast from Washington all the way to Alaska.

Lastly, a coureur du bois (not a courier, note) is a woodsman or trader of French origin. Up until the 1790s, even the Scottish fur traders wanted their overwinterers to be French.

A nice collection, isn’t it? Be back next time with something just as good …


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