Believe it or not, there are a few tame, cultivated species growing around here. Some of them I tore out: Spanish lavender, candytuft, and heather were overgrown and looked like crap, so out they went. I am battling a hypericum groundcover and was stung by a bee while doing so, which redoubled my determination. And then there are the things I actually like and am keeping.


This blue hydrangea grows outside the door to my husband’s workshop, and it’s his special pet. I might have missed hydrangea season at the nursery, but one day I want to buy more to go on the other side of the door. My best guess is that it’s Nikko Blue, but I’m no hydrangea expert. Any thoughts?


My husband gave our old apple tree a hard pruning in the early spring, and it looks like it might pay off. We have teeny apples all over. I hope we manage to save some for eating.


Lastly, this little raspberry, which we didn’t notice in its corner of the fence until it bloomed weeks before the big blackberries. Its fruit is ripening now, from bring red to black, so we guess it’s a black raspberry cane. It’s low to the ground, no more than 18″ tall even though it has the fence to lean on, and so far none of the fruits taste good. I am probably picking them too early.



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