Wordjoy: Qualities

Howdy do, it’s Saturday so it must be time for Wordjoy. This week I have a small collection of words for things that have the qualities of something else. This kind of word comes up fairly frequently on Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day, and I’m sorry I’m not better about writing them down. Anyway, my favorites:

Something that is butyraceous has qualities of butter, which isn’t at all the same as saponaceous, having the qualities of soap. A person afflicted by or anything that reminds one of scurvy is scorbutic.

Something with the qualities of a lake is lacustrine, while something with the quality of stars is sidereal. That is not quite the same as being stelliferous, which means full of stars. Nor is it the same as numinous, or having the qualities of God. All these things may be tenebrous, meaning having the quality of darkness.

Something with qualities of stone is petrous, and a rock or mineral that grows in the shape of a cluster of grapes is botyroidal. *shakes head* I’m sure the language needed that word. (???)

See you next week!


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