It grows wild

When we first came here last July I wanted to tear the place up and drop half our savings in the garden center. My husband said “wait a year. See what happens.” I was offended and planted a few things anyway.

Now it’s mid-May and I think he was right. Waiting and not gardening is no fun, but I’ve learned that all sorts of wonderful things grow wild here. Not just in the general area, but on our property specifically. My flower-buying days might be over.






One thought on “It grows wild

  1. Love the flowers – the soil here is poor, so we don’t have a lot, but the pipeline on the way to our place was originally planted as a wild-flower garden. Nothing the first year, but the next year we had a sea of coreopsis [spelling??] – just yellow as far as you could see. And now we have wild lupines, some butterfly weed, and other stuff just coming in. Each summer is a new experience!

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