Wordjoy: favorite AB words

Hello hello, it’s Wordjoy Saturday. Today I’ve done away with any sort of a theme, except all today’s words begin with the letters A and B.

Absquatulate means to run away
Ambisinister means an individual is equally clumsy with her left or right hands. Note the nice way this contrasts with ambidextrous, which means good with either hand (that’s what she said).
An argonaut is an adventurer, and if Jason left him behind, he might be atrabilious about it. That means gloomy or morose.
Babbing is an old-fashioned practice of fishing for eels using bait tied up in a net bag. The eel’s teeth become entangled.
A bibliotaph is a book hoarder
Bletting is the early stage of decay. There are a few fruits that aren’t edible until they’ve been bletted. These include quince, persimmons, medlars, and sea buckthorn berries.
A bothy is a gardener’s hut. The great English country houses typically had them built into the walled gardens.
A brume is a fog or mist
A bustum is a funeral pyre built over an open grave. The ashes and unburned bits fall directly in, and when the pyre is burned out, everything is covered over.
Butyraceous means having the qualities of butter
A byblow is a bastard

Hope you enjoyed these! Back to themes next week, I think. Have a good weekend, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Wordjoy: favorite AB words

  1. Ambisinister – love the word – sinister in the old days meant from the left, rather than from the right – e.g. the bar sinister on a heraldic shield – it also meant that family descended from an out of wedlock progeny – I’m just a mind of useless information – should be on Jeopardy!

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