A very real consequence of moving cross-country is that the biome changed, and I don’t know the names of the wildflowers anymore. Dandelions, clover, nettles, and thistles: thus ends the applicability of my knowledge out here. So I have new flowers to learn.

With 3.5 acres, things don’t get mown on a regular schedule, which allows them to grow. I’m charmed by how many of them are tiny. I mean, so tiny my iPhone could barely get macro shots of them. Here are a few. If I don’t have them labelled, I don’t know what they are.


Small-flowered forget-me-not. I love forget-me-nots, and this tiny version stole my heart.

Possibly some kind of wintergreen? I’m not anywhere close to sure.


Some kind of pea vine. There are lots of varieties here.

There are a lot of tiny white flowers called “popcorn flowers,” but I’m not sure these are any of those.

These are in the geranium family–there are half a dozen flowers that look like this, and none of them are supposed to grow here.

Purple pea vine … and an ant.



2 thoughts on “Smallflowers

  1. A good plant identification book would help – but I haven’t found a good one over here. I belonged to a botany society in boarding school, and we had a tome of a book [Clapham Tooting and Warburg] that had no pictures, but let you through a series of questions to a final and almost always undeniable identification. We used to throw a hula hoop into a meadow and ID every plant in the hoop. Might be a fun project to do with Mimi.

    • We’re going through books on Amazon, trying to guess what would be best. The Pacific Northwest is its own little world so “Western Region” handbooks are no good. Frustrating! Hmm, Mimi got a hula hoop for her birthday …

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