Owl pellets

When a once-upon-a-time biology major comes upon a clutch of owl pellets while on a ramble with her small child, she can’t resist turning it into a biology lesson. It was a fruitful ramble, in fact: we also found an anthill and a dead snake. A regular pair of witches, us.

(these are the pellets after I pulled them apart)


We have a lot of cottontail rabbits on our property, but not to my knowledge any squirrels. Since these bones are too big to be mouse or vole, I’m going to assume they came from one of the bunnies. That bit to the far right in the bone shot, with corrugations in it, sort of looks like a rabbit tooth, to my untrained eyes. Can anyone confirm or dispel that idea?

Owls make pellets, but we also have lots of hawks and a pair of bald eagles in the neighborhood. I wonder if they make pellets, too … hmm, let’s find out.


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