New phone camera








Our old Androids were getting, well, old, and we felt we should get Washington State numbers, so here we are. We are now iPhone people. That decision was motivated by the cameras in them. After a little research we decided they were probably the best all-around cell phone camera on the market, so here we are.

I took mine out for its maiden voyage yesterday at our favorite park, where my daughter can play on the playground, dabble in the Sound, and run through an enchanted aspen wood. Can you see the bald eagle wheeling in the playground shot? It blows me away, how common they are here. A pair nests in the woods beside our property, and the day we drove past Crescent Lake, they were perched everywhere.

There are also Dungeness crab here. Big ones. Mr. Tree has been going out after dark to net them. It is late in the season, now–in fact it’s an extended season–and there are precious few males large enough to take. He got TWO last night, though. Hooray! Crab for lunch!


3 thoughts on “New phone camera

  1. I love my phone camera – I have a Motorola droid, and actually I think the camera is better than the one in Peter’s I-phone, but then I use it more than he does. All my photographs are done with this, and I love the ability to do close-up textural things, particularly like the second and fourth of your photos, and I love the one of the copse of aspens. It’s almost magical, and you have a great eye.

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