Corrugated ribbing scarf







This one took awhile. There are 13 colors in this. 400 stitches around. Size 2.5mm needles. I have always loved corrugated ribbing in fair isle projects, so I thought, why not make a whole scarf that way? I confess, 400 stitches makes a lllooooong infinity scarf. If I knit another I might try something more like 280. I am also not satisfied with the bindoff at the brown edge. I did it by K, K, sl over, cont. Next time I will try to knit all the way around, then slip all the way around. It would control the yarn tension, better, and stop that edge from flaring so badly.

I love it, though. Love the colors, love the nubbly wool, can’t wait to knit another. I must knit Sock the Second first, though, before Sock the First becomes Sock the Only.

Ravelry page for this project


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