Grandmother’s scarf


In my family, my mother is the one who first learned to knit. She taught herself from a magazine when she was in high school. She taught her mother. When I was seven years old, she taught me.


The decorative stitch used in this scarf is created by triple-wrapping all the stitches of one row, then dropping the extra wraps in the next row. This is the first fancy stitch my mother taught me, after I had mastered knitting and purling (but before she taught me to cable). My grandmother likes this stitch and used it often. When I was in college, she made me a scarf knit with a double thickness of yarn in my college colors, using lots of rows of triple-wrapped stitches.


So when I was chatting with her recently, and she said she wanted something to keep her neck warm when she wore low-collared tops, but her fingers just weren’t nimble enough to handle knitting needles anymore (because she’s 102), I offered to try to make something. And I used that stitch. And I used all-synthetic yarn, because it’s what she would have used. This is “Woolike” by Loops & Threads. It’s an all-synthetic sock-weight yarn, and I am now obsessed with it. It really is nice stuff, and far easier to care for than wool. I intend to make myself some socks with it pronto.



2 thoughts on “Grandmother’s scarf

  1. Love your knitting history – I learned at about the same age, but I can’t remember who taught me, I do know it wasn’t my mother. All that knitting over the years – I’ll have to try that stitch you used for the scarf. It will have to be for someone else – I’m so clumsy I’ll catch the loose stitch and mess it up. We just got 9″ of snow, jealous???

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