Last of the year

Last night was the coldest here, so far. 28F. Not cold at all, where we came from, but cold enough to form a righteous hoarfrost, and cold enough to make my husband fuss about the well freezing. Nice to know that some things never change 😉


My daughter and I went for a rambling walk this afternoon. By then it was near 40F and the sun was shining something fierce. So far north, it never goes very high in the sky, so on the days it’s out it’s always in one’s eyes. And that was fine.


And the walk was a fine thing, too. I took off my hat, then my gloves, then my coat, and was perfectly comfortable in just a thermal top. Not bad for December 31. I’ll take it. Me and my girl, wandering in our New Place. It’s so good to be settled again. So good to have a holiday season under our belts, here. So good to be settling in and finding our way. I think the year ahead will hold a bounty of good things.


I hope you’re feeling similarly hopeful tonight. Best wishes for the best of everything in the new year.



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