Fitful Head

My husband needed another hat.





Knit from the free Fitful Head pattern on Knitty, by Aileen Ryder. Not knit from the suggested Jamieson & Smith yarns. If anyone wants to give me these for a late Christmas, I will happily accept … but they’re not in my own purchasing purview, so I used something else instead.

Finished in three days, during which I was so sick I didn’t even try to write. Sometimes a chance of pace is a nice change of pace.


5 thoughts on “Fitful Head

    • Thanks! It’s a fantastic pattern to start with. The repeats are small and geometric, which makes mistakes easy to avoid.

  1. This is just beautiful, I’m very impressed by your skill, particularly the evenness of your stranding. Got to get the pattern and put it on my to-do list. I knew you were a knitter, but didn’t realize your skill level, congratulations!

    • A matter of directed attention–I didn’t do much else in those three days. I had the BEST needles, too. Circulars from were stellar.

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