Snow globes

One of the best parts of being an adult is playing with my toys.





Speaking of toys … I try not to browse in physical bookstores (instead, to read about books, decide they sound good, and purchase them in a directed, no-nonsense fashion), because browsing invariably leads to impulse purchases based on covers, and that isn’t fair to authors. Last week I did go into a bookstore, though, and came out with these beauties. 90% because of the covers. 10% because the blurbs sounded good.

I took them home and showed them to my husband, mostly in apology, because he never makes impulse purchases.

He says he told me about them already. And I wasn’t listening. Which made me say “oh”, and then wonder how much of the purchase was subconscious remembering, and then wonder when they’re going to install more memory in The Matrix.

Ah, well.


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