Warm and bright


On Tuesday there was a wind storm that knocked the power out for twelve hours. We realize now that this is a normal thing around here, and my husband has purchased a gadget that lets us use our idling car (in the detached and open garage) as a generator. He snaked a cable through the library window, and voila pellet stove, table lamps, and internet. So that end of things was perfectly cozy, though the rest of the house was cold and dark. My husband–who was having a ball–grilled sausages for dinner, and we huddled around candles while eating sausages, mustard, bread, butter, and apples. You know, the way our ancestors did.

The power came back just at my bedtime. What a difference. I understand, now, all the carols about warm and bright/merry and bright/calm and bright. Light and heat are fundamental blessings that an electrified world forgets all too easily.

So with that in mind: I’m thankful the power stayed on all day Wednesday, so I could bake two pies, two winter squash, and cook a big batch of cranberry sauce. I’m grateful I could have a hot shower, and give my little girl a hot bubble bath. I’m glad I’ve had good light to knit by, because girl, last night I was tinking black Shetland wool by firelight SO DON’T TELL ME I’M NOT HARDCORE. And I’m thankful that today, Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., we get to celebrate with family who happen to be friends, too.

Hope your holiday is warm, bright, merry, and calm. I’ll eat some pie for you, people.


One thought on “Warm and bright

  1. Tinking black shepherd wool by firelight – that’s so far beyond hardcore it’s not even in the same ball park. Ain’t electricity wonderful

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