Because we are Pacific Northwesterners now
Because it’s not snow, and not ice, only a little rain and wind
Because we are of Northern European stock, sturdy people who settle barren, windswept places
Because my husband’s rosacea was suffering and needed a boost
Because we came here to do things like this
On a blustery Saturday we drove an hour to one of the many points in the area, layered our raincoats on top of our down coats, pulled hats onto our heads, and walked up and down the beach, over the point, through the eel-grass and the persistent seaside flowers, still blooming, even now in November. The wind howled. The waves crashed. The sky was overcast, and the lodgepole pines were gnarled and twisted, there at the coast.
And it was one of the more beautiful places I’ve ever photographed.


2 thoughts on “Windswept

  1. Your photos remind me so much of the north west coast of England, specifically Yorkshire, in the winter. I miss the sea so much, coming from an island, there is a safety in being surrounded by water.

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