Out & about


Hmm. No, it was definitely high tide. Ten in the morning wasn’t high tide a couple weeks ago, but obviously these things change. I made my four-year-old daughter promise to make me check the tide tables before we go to the beach from now on. She really was a trooper about it. She likes to rescue “families” of snails, put them in an oyster shell, and leave them at the water’s edge. With no beach, there was no snail-rescuing to be done.


A lovely view across the Puget Sound, though.




So we went elsewhere. Can you believe there are dahlias in November? November! Dahlias! Where we came from you had to dig them up for the winter, and you’d better do it in late September or early October. Frost is a strong possibility if you wait any longer.

We stopped at a coffee shack for hot drinks and the woman there warned us that black ice is a huge problem in the winter, here. I sipped and mm-hmmed. We’ll see. I’ve yet to note a single stretch of road here that is crumbled or patched, which tells me that there is not, in fact, a ton of freezing and thawing going on. But we’ll see.


We found a quirky small natural history museum. I have an abiding passion for naturalist museums, so I was right in my element and squealing over the jars of preserved specimens. My daughter, who is going to be like her father on this issue, was grossed out and scared. I had to carry her out.

I confess, I was more excited about the vintage display cases than the specimens inside them. How does one GET something like that?!?! I want some!


Then a stop at the playground and the quilt shop, and home. A nice little adventure.


One thought on “Out & about

  1. I can just see those display cases filled with yarn – and I probably have enough to fill several of them. If you ever find out how to get some, let me know. The vision is firmly entrenched in my mind’s eye now.

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