Pear cake


I think it’s really here. The wet season. The Puget Sound winter. At 2:30 in the afternoon the temperature is in the mid-50s, which is lovely, and it has drizzled all day, which I prefer to ice storms, and it is foggy, foggy, foggy. And that freaks me out. I come from a place where fog only happens in the very early morning. This murky phenomenon boggles me.

The solution, of course, is to nest. With a vengeance. I dug out my Ott Lamp and have it on beside me as I work, to get some natural-spectrum light. I am laundering bedding with fierce efficiency. And I made a River Cottage pear cake, which disappeared in exactly 48 hours.


If you’d like the recipe, Hugh will explain it to you here. Full disclosure: while I made it his way this time, by cooking off the fresh pear slices in butter and sugar before I layered them on top of the cake batter, I usually use dried pears and soak them in brandy before incorporating them into the batter.


Both ways make a damn good cake. Not much like your bakery birthday cake, no, not much at all. Much, much better.


Once you’ve sourced the ingredients and found your kitchen scale (the British method of weighing dry ingredients does make more sense, but bollocks, I have to find that damn scale!) the cake is a doddle to put together. And so–oh my God, so incredibly–good.


Try it. You won’t regret it.


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