The small things





I have a special love for mosses, lichens, slime molds, and all the small, weird, primitive things that grow on fence posts and shady forest floors. There wasn’t much of it where I came from–summers were too hot and dry, winters were too snowy-cold.

Here, in the Puget Sound area, it’s everywhere. Every tree of a certain age is covered in it. All our fences. Any neglected patch of ground. I feel lucky to have these things around me. They’re something that takes a long time to appear, and therefore, something valuable. Venerable. Worth having.


One thought on “The small things

  1. I love that stuff too, so much texture, such wonderful colors. We have shady forest even in the winter [pines], lots of new growth popples, old scrub cherries and new growth white pines, so we have a lot of it around here – we’re on sandy soil, very close to the river, and then halfway up our driveway is a wet land area – lots of wonderful stuff.

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