Burning season


The Pacific Northwest has a reputation for rain, so it may surprise you to hear that we were under a Burn Ban until last Sunday, due to excessive dryness in the area. My husband has been gnashing teeth and tearing hair about it ever since we arrived. Our property was (is) severely overgrown, and there are … I don’t know how many pounds/tons of brush, brambles, and leftover parts of trees to get rid of.


The ban was finally lifted, and on Monday morning he went out to get a burn permit and machete. His parents are visiting, and the three of them ran a bonfire for three days. My father-in-law saved our barn and compost heap by slaying the blackberry-sauruses overtaking them (and found a claw-footed tub hidden in the brambles). There’s a lot left to do, but our property already looks better.


Poor little critters. They shall have to dig new holes. Buh-bye.


Also, and: look what arrived in the mail yesterday.



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