Stop messing around

Labor Day has come and gone. My daughter and I go to her preschool to meet her teacher and find her coat hook, this afternoon. I have my house more or less set up. Sure there’s the odd box to unpack, but all the IKEA furniture is assembled. Bedrooms. Pantry. TV room. Library. My study. I have a great big desk and all my favorite things around me. Starting tomorrow I have some quiet time in the afternoons while my daughter is at school, in addition to my quiet time late at night, when everyone else is in bed.


So there are no more excuses. I must begin to write again.

I haven’t been completely fallow since The Bear’s Wife began to publish. I have four beginnings: one that is an opening scene only, two that are nice starting chunks of novels (both over 5K words), and one that is a nice starting chunk of a novella. I can work on any of them. I’ve been contemplating one of those well-begun novels. It’s set in the same world as The Settlement and The Bear’s Wife. That’s easy for me to do. I also have the cover done, and if I may say … it’s bitchin’.

So wish me luck, and luck to you in your autumn endeavors. Be sure to store away plenty of nuts. Winter is coming.


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