The library

The library is my favorite room at The Brambles.


It’s the big sitting room of the house, just off the hall. It’s about 14′ x 21′, so it’s a good size and a good ratio. We slept in this room when we first arrived here. Then it stored all the boxes and furniture pieces that couldn’t go anywhere else. It was the last room I painted, cleared out, and furnished.


It is an English library, in every way. Books. Squashy chairs and sofas. Curiosities. Turkey carpets. I can’t tell you–I can’t–how much I’ve wanted this room, my whole life. And now I have it. No other house I’ve lived in made such a room possible. Only The Brambles, with its paradoxical ’60s tri-level magic, could do it.


There are a lot of decorative tweaks left to go. I’ve ordered lace curtains to hide the two ugly, small windows. I need to put pictures on the walls. I need throw pillows. I don’t know exactly what those will be, but they’ll be patchwork and the predominant color will be red.


I’m going to leave that big open area in front of the bookshelves just so. It’ll be a good place for blocks or train sets, when my daughter has other children over to play, or a second dining table if we ever have a big holiday meal. The Christmas tree certainly goes under that window too, though unfortunately my current tree is 9′ tall so … we’ll see.


The chaise is the best seat in the house. I’ve had trouble photographing it without the cat, the child, the husband, or myself in it. I got this snap while my husband went out to shut the gate for the evening.

Shutting the gate for the evening … that’s another post for another time …

For now, I’m drinking wine in my library.


One thought on “The library

  1. The library looks so comfy and inviting. You piqued our interest with that “shutting the gate for the
    evening” comment!

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