Slowly coming back

We are settling in. We are unpacking. Slowly, we are beginning to find new rhythms in the new place.


I have my yarn and my woodland animals set up, to provide an appropriate mood for writing, and I am writing. Finally. Good news!

More good news: The Bear’s Wife part 1 is free today. If you have Kindle Unlimited, the whole thing is free to you every day, but if you don’t, today (Friday, August 14) and next Friday (August 21) it is free for you to download. These will be its last free days until mid-October, so hop on that! And as always: if you enjoy an indie book, please write a review. They are so, so important to independent authors.


Perry Drinkwater hails from a remote backhills settlement on a post-colonization planet. She was raised to mistrust the outside world, especially the wicked towns which, her father tells her, offer nothing but violence, materialism, and moral degradation.

And then her settlement is sacked, her family murdered, and Perry thrown into the power of a young soldier. He saves her life, but to do it he takes her straight to Bear Hollow, exactly the sort of place Perry was warned against. To complicate matters, a steamy romance develops between them, which runs contrary to Perry’s moral compass . . . but which she can’t resist.

Can Perry swallow her pride and live among the degraded townspeople? Might her father have been wrong about them, or only too right? Might Bear Hollow provide Perry the man, the home, and the family she always wanted . . . or will it suck away everything she valued about herself?


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