Please leave reviews for indie books!

Amazon, for better or for worse, is the juggernaut the modern author must grapple with. Amazon is wonderful for providing worldwide distribution of books to anyone with a word processor and an internet connection. Amazon also has a lot of complicated analytics to decide which of these books it will promote, and let me tell you, when you are a self-publishing or independent-publishing writer, Amazon can do more for your book’s distribution than you can. Getting caught up in its “Virtuous Cycle,” in which sales lead to on-site promotion which leads to more sales, is golden. It is the key to success in the e-pub market.

Not surprisingly, Amazon’s analytics change frequently. They recently changed to provide much more emphasis on the number of reviews a book has received. This means that you, the reader, have more power than ever over the success or failure of a book. Not only do you buy or rent your own copy and, if you like the book, promote it via word of mouth, but now by writing a review you can make a substantial change in the book’s visibility.

So DO IT! If you participate in Kindle Unlimited then virtually every book in the program is self-published or indie-published, and needs your help. If you like a book, write an Amazon review. It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be deep or weighty or intellectually stimulating. Just say you liked it–that’s it.

Of course I am writing this for self-serving purposes. I desperately need reviews! If you have read my books and like them, you can best help me by reviewing the series-entry titles: Dark and Deep or The Thin Line for the Settlement series, and The Bear’s Wife Part One.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this–I and the rest of the indie-pub community are so grateful.


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