Letters from the Settlement: July


Reader, we went west.


On a muggy, sunny day of 95 degrees and 90% humidity all our household goods were packed up and whisked away. Without pausing to say goodbye to the old place, we packed up the child and the cat and drove five hours to Des Moines, Iowa.


The next day we stopped in Rapid City, South Dakota. That morning we visited Mount Rushmore before pushing on to Bozeman, Montana.


The day after that–the fourth day of the journey–we intended to drive to Spokane and stop, but we got to Spokane before two in the afternoon. With a projected 5.5 hours to home, we kept driving, and arrived at our new homestead 7 hours later, exhausted but curious to see what it had in store.


It needs a lot of fixing up. Fresh paint, fresh carpet, fresh hardware in the bathrooms, fresh filter for the well water, and the whole yard was grown up waist-high with weeds, both familiar and unfamiliar. Lots of daisies and Queen Anne’s Lace. Also the curiously transformed Scotch broom and some fuzzy pink flowers I can’t begin to identify.


The neighbor’s cow bellows at the fence every evening. The turkeys gobble. Roosters awake us in the morning. Wild rabbits and grass snakes scuttle away. And wolf spiders … good GRACIOUS I wasn’t prepared for the full horror of wolf spiders.


And beaches, full of crabs and oysters and clams. Apple trees. Blackberry brambles growing in great wild piles, taller than me and fifteen feet wide.


I like it here, but I am exhausted, and that’s about all I can say this month. Maybe in another month I will be writing again. See you then.


One thought on “Letters from the Settlement: July

  1. We took the same journey, at least as far as Montana – stopped at Des Moines Iowa for gas, went to see Mount Rushmore, then on to Montana. This was many years ago, with two kids and a car full of camping stuff. But seeing your pictures brought back many memories.

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