I like big books

From Victorian triple-deckers to fantasy doorstops, there’s something about a nice, fat book that makes me happy. I always wanted to write them.

Happily, Amazon has just announced a change to their Kindle Unlimited program that will encourage authors to write bigger books!

Since its introduction a little less than a year ago, Kindle Unlimited has paid authors a lump sum for every book that is checked out and read past the 10% mark. The result? Lots of authors releasing short books that are easily read to 10%. Proliferation of serials, too–I wrote The Bear’s Wife as a seven-part serial to maximum its profitability within the Kindle Unlimited framework, and that’s the cynical truth.

Beginning July 1, however, they will pay authors per page read. That means that a 600-page book has six times the earning potential of a 100-page book. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. Self-pubbing authors have been released from length confines. As long as you keep the reader entertained, you keep getting paid.

I’m so pleased.

Speak of The Bear’s Wife . . . part one goes live tomorrow. Have you pre-ordered your copy?



One thought on “I like big books

  1. I love big books too, or even better a series of big books [e.g.The Welsh Princes series] – that way I can know the characters in even more depth, and follow the story at my leisure. So now you know what I hope your next work will be. . . .
    By the way Peter gave me a book a couple of months ago, which made me think of you a little – The Elementals, by Morgan LLywelyn [she lives in Ireland, looks Irish, but with a name like that she has to be Welsh]. If you have a chance give it a read.

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