Forest Dandelion Girl

May and October are the best months of the year.


The spring ephemerals are gone. Wild phlox is at its height. Wild geraniums have joined it. The honeysuckle is starting to blossom, filling the woods with heavenly fragrance, and down in the bottoms unknown yellow wildflowers of all varieties are blooming. Goodbye, spring ephemerals. Hello, oncoming summer.


My daughter no longer answers to her name. She is now Forest Dandelion Girl. She gathers up fistfuls of dandelion fluff, then spins in a circle and lets it go. Those are her “Dandelion Powers”. She will tell you that sometimes her Dandelion Powers make her sneeze.


I found a squirrel nest in an oak tree knot. The squirrel and I eyed each other for a long, tense moment before my daughter dragged me away, after which the squirrel wouldn’t come back out to play. Phooey. Last night I saw a strange animal cross just ahead of me. It looked, really, like a young rabbit, but it was black. All the bunnies here are light brown with white cottontails, so I’m stumped.


Spring, spring, spring. Have I said that May and October are the best months? They are. The hawthorn trees are in bloom, and buzz audibly with thousands and thousands of bees of all varieties. Sadly our apple trees are dying and our pear trees have been no good the last two years. Time to move on?


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