Hard to move on

The Bear’s Wife is still in beta, and I have been flailing around trying to figure out what to start next.

There is a point, when you are beginning with a set of characters, when you don’t know them but you have to write them anyway. Because you don’t know them, they don’t inspire you. You don’t have confidence in them. Without confidence, it is hard to invest the effort needed to write them . . . which, of course, is how you eventually come to love them.

I am at this point in trying to find the next story I want to tell. I am finished with all of my premade characters–Settlement as well as Bear’s Wife–and I can’t find the gumption to make up new ones.

We are trying to move house just now, also. The bank approved our offer on a short sale property across the country, so not only do we have house inspections and negotiations after that and closing dates to find out, we have to clean up our current house to put it on the market and pack up all our stuff so we can spend four days driving cross-country with a cat and a four-year-old.

To say that I feel uninspired, story-wise, is an understatement. I really wish that I was not between projects just now. I have a terrible foreboding that I won’t start anything new until after we move.

As to The Bear’s Wife publication: barring unforeseen circumstances, I want to publish part 1 (of 7) before we start the big drive west. Thereafter (barring other unforeseen circumstances) I will publish one installment per week until they are all published.

We are not sure, but we believe that the closing on the new house will be at the end of June. So . . . look for The Bear’s Wife beginning mid-June. Fingers crossed!



One thought on “Hard to move on

  1. Once the stress settles, and the emotional exhaustion that goes with major life changes grows less, the new characters will come to you – it’s OK to give yourself a break until this current chaos subsides. Looking forward to The Bear’s Wife.

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