Snowed-in thoughts


More snow this morning. The roads have been plowed, but the road condition map is still solid red in our area, so we are all staying home all day. This is hard on everyone when there is a three year old in the equation. I feel that I am at my breaking point, here at the end of winter, so I am handling the house-bound-ness with liberal application of food and electronics. We’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do. No, I would not want to be stuck in a log cabin all winter, no matter how sexy the trephination patient.

The New Thing is coming along. I am writing part 6 of 7. My writing has slowed down in the last two months. I don’t know whether to attribute this to winter blahs, to time lost on critiquing and being critiqued, or to newfound knowledge and wisdom as a writer… Thomas Mann said that a writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. I have certainly found that. The blundering innocence with which I wrote The Settlement trilogy is gone. One thousand daily words has always been my goal, only lately, I’ve been happy to meet it instead of always blowing past it.

The good news is that The New Thing, on re-reads, is always much better than I had expected. It will not have the Oh Em Gee factor of Dark and Deep but I think it makes up for that in charm and adventure throughout, to say nothing of more competent prose.

As I said after I published Before I Sleep, I have learned the value of letting a thing mellow before editing. Fortunately, the sheer length of this story (expected to be about 250K words, or two Settlement novels) means that I’ll have de-coupled from most of the beginning before it’s time to edit. However, here is my projected flow of work:

1. Finish first draft of The New Thing
2. Do a final line edit of Dark and Deep, and possibly the other two Settlement novels
3. Edit The New Thing
4. Remove all my books from KDP Select
5. Publish The New Thing
6. Publish them all with Smashwords and Goodreads
7. Force the big boys to make Dark and Deep permafree; same goes for the first installment of The New Thing
8. Profit!

Sales have picked up enormously in the last two months. I don’t know what to attribute that to, but my best guess is that I am racking up giveaway days, so more and more copies of Dark and Deep are out there, which leads to more sales of the other books. Having Dark and Deep permafree would be like a giveaway every day. It will help to get my name out there. So, that is my plan. We’ll see how the execution goes. I understand that persuading Amazon to make a title permafree (via price matching with other websites) can be a frustrating process. But I will try.

Oh… about the new thing? Are you curious?

Well. I have a great deal left to write of it but… you know me. I can’t resist doing covers early. How’s this?



One thought on “Snowed-in thoughts

  1. Like the cover – and am waiting with bated breath for the novel. We’ve been “snowed in” [i.e. if you don’t have 4WD you ain’t going anywhere] for a while now, personally I kind of like being in a log cabin in the winter – of course not totally stuck!

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