Dark and Deep opener

It’s no secret that Dark and Deep was my first novel and that I have learned a lot and consequently fiddled with it–specifically the opening–ever since it was first published. I apologize to people who read early versions of it, but I need for the opening of the series to be as good as possible, otherwise–who will read?

For people who read earlier versions, and for people who haven’t read any version, here is the current (and I believe final) opener.

Just as a reminder: Dark and Deep is FREE to download for Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Reader App (free for just about any device you might own) today and tomorrow.

The transport tech pushed his eyeglasses up the bridge of his nose. He was sweating, though he wasn’t the one about to be sucked through an interdimensional vortex—we were. Maybe some people would call it empathy. Me, I felt sick to my stomach, and annoyed.

Two dozen people along with horses, cattle, pigs, chicken, dogs, and thirty-odd crates of supplies had been scrupulously arranged on the transport platform. We, the people, huddled in one tiny corner to make room for everything else.

“All right,” the tech said. “Final countdown. Say goodbye to the modern world, everybody. Ten—nine—eight—”

Nobody said goodbye. The families gathered close. Single people who had made friends during orientation held each other. The twins—how a pair of identical twins were allowed on an expedition together, I would like to know—gave each other dark looks.


One of the twins spread his arms and gave the other a broad grin. His brother cocked his right eyebrow, but relented. They hugged each other tight. Watching them cracked my sense of unreality. I wanted to cry.


“Here, love.” Beric Wheelwright, our machinery expert, slid his long arms around me.




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