Ready to fall in love


Did I say that I am working on a non-Settlement project? I am working on a non-settlement project. I am 35K words into it, and so excited that I’m not sleeping well at night.

The Settlement never interfered with my sleep. It smote me to the heart, to be sure. Alex always let me sleep, though.

I don’t want to give details in case it all fizzles out, because this is only the second world that I have created and I just don’t know if things will go as swimmingly as they did the first time. Although the first 35K words… *dreamy sigh*.

The second time round, you have the first time to compare things to. You’re nervous that they won’t be as good, you’re excited to have your hands on the ropes, and you hope, oh you close your eyes and cross your fingers and you hope, that the payoff will be as sweet.

I have met the narrator/heroine of this project, and she is taking shape, as I write her. I only last night began to write the hero. I don’t know quite who he is. He hasn’t had time to develop… because characters can only develop by being written about, extensively. I learned that the first time around. I am not an author who sits down and writes a dossier. I am an author who finds a character, as one finds a stranger, and who learns about that character through conversation.

So I know that he’s there, and I know that they will be there. I just don’t know what he and what they will be like, exactly.

So wish me luck. I’m about to jump.

I’m ready to fall in love. Again.


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