Ready to commit


I am almost ready to submit Before I Sleep for copyright and ISBNing, then upload it to Amazon’s KDP servers. Unless Amazon’s smut-bots are moving unusually slowly, it will be available for purchase tomorrow morning. Are you excited? I’m excited. I sort of feel like someone should take me to Disney World, but I’ll settle for not having to edit the thing anymore, which will feel almost as good.

I am more insecure about this book than about the first two. Arthur Miller and F. Scott Fitzgerald think that’s a good thing, and so be it.

If you haven’t started the Settlement series yet, you’ll be interested to know that the prequel, The Thin Line, and the first book in the series, Dark and Deep, will be FREE on Amazon this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Snap them up and get started!

As for me… well folks, I had intended The Settlement to be a trilogy, and there is the third book. Alexander Smith’s character arc has… well… arced. There may be more Settlement in the future, but he won’t be the central character.

I intend to dial back my writing pace, for a while. I am contemplating historical fiction, which would require time to research my topic. I am also contemplating writing a long novel, finishing and polishing the whole thing, and releasing it in serial. I have various prequels tossing about all the time, too: one for Anna, one about the twins when they were wee lads, one when they were teenagers. There is a story to Robert and Ruth too, though I don’t know quite what it is.

We shall see what we shall see. Whatever I do next, publication of it is very far in the future because (1) I’m not writing it, or haven’t written much of it, yet, and (2) I will enforce a four month cooling off period for any new works, now.

Enjoy, all.


7 thoughts on “Ready to commit

  1. Congrats! And I have this problem with planning a story to be one book. Somehow, I end up with a trilogy. Sounds very interesting. I’m just getting started with self-publishing.

    You have any advice on the whole dreaded marketing thing?

    • Unfortunately, I haven’t had much success with self-marketing (yet! Hope springs eternal!) Probably numerous, shorter titles are a good idea, and choose your keywords carefully. Amazon’s category/theme keywords are recommended, but also saturated. Use the bare minimum of them, and be original with the rest. Good luck to you! I definitely understand not wanting to give up your characters after only one book…

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