Before I Sleep: chapter titles

One week until Before I Sleep is released. I am doing the final round of edits, and trying not to hyperventilate from nerves.

Anyway, I think I have the chapter titles figured out. Here they are… do you think they “spoil” anything?

Chapter One: Butchering
Chapter Two: Yuletide
Chapter Three: Funny Turns
Chapter Four: The Bear Killer
Chapter Five: Visitors
Chapter Six: Mountain Laurel
Chapter Seven: Trust
Chapter Eight: Stern Nature
Chapter Nine: Promises
Chapter Ten: Rhymes with Truth
Chapter Eleven: Things Fall Apart
Chapter Twelve: Life Goes On
Chapter Thirteen: Skin Changers
Chapter Fourteen: Before We Sleep


2 thoughts on “Before I Sleep: chapter titles

    • Thank you! There is one that might worry a person who has read the first two books. Let’s call that a teaser. Good luck with your own MS.

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