Hanging out with my protagonist


Did a lot of writing today. I am at the edge of the crater in Before I Sleep. It’s not a happy time for Alex, which means I’m not really enjoying writing it. We are both worn out, and taking it easy on ourselves, this Friday night. Sufficient for the day is its own evil, you know?

He likes Tom Waits. He’s playing “Time” over and over. He likes the line about it raining hammers, raining nails.

To tell the truth, he’s looking back at the beginning of Dark and Deep, and wondering if he’s really the same person. He is, of course. It’s just the character development. It, well, changes a character. The good news is that a character can continue to change.

There is no way past the crater but to go through it, though. Do you remember my chosen epigraph for Before I Sleep? Yeah. Per me si va nella citta dolente.

Maybe we’ll just edit some of what we wrote today. He has more to say to Anna. She has more to think about what happened, too. I need to pull her out of the back bedroom. Time to work.

Okay, fine. One listen to “Anywhere I Lay My Head” first. You’ve earned it, buddy.


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