7.7.7 Challenge

Champion re-tweeter and all-purpose card Susan Kicklighter has tagged me for the 7.7.7 challenge. The challenge being, to go to page 7 of my current WIP (work in progress), skip down to line 7 and then share the next 7 lines of my manuscript with you.

I am working on The Settlement Book 3: Before I Sleep. For people who haven’t read the previous two books (or the quickie prequel), these stories are set on an alternative Earth that is ecologically the same as our own planet, but didn’t have its own human inhabitants until our world began to send them. Time goes wibbly-wobbly in the transportation process, so some groups arrive on the alternate Earth hundreds of years earlier than other groups… and boy howdy, when people move from a 21st-century democratic state to an Iron Age tribe, do they ever change.

My pack of 21st-century settlers have encountered the descendants of a group of Celtic reconstructionists, and arranged a marriage with one of their men as part of a peace treaty.

I smirked. Iomhar was, to put it plainly, a man’s man. He had a brashly confident way with the men who could understand his native English-Gaelic creole, and an un-self-conscious habit of eyeing women that ranged from flattering to frightening, depending on the target. I had been too pregnant and too secluded to have gotten any attention from him so far, but he had spent a lot of time frankly watching Juliet, Renske, and Freja–as well as the Farmer girls.

Alex had had a serious talk with him about personal boundaries and behavior in Red Oak Hollow. While you could take Iomhar out of the clan, however, there was some part of the clan that would never be taken out of Iomhar.

There you go. You came perishingly close to something naughtier, but you’ll just have to wait for the book to be released 😉

I am tagging these three authors to continue the quest:

E. L. Mitchell
Holly Harker
Tricia, of Raising Humans


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