Checking in


Hello all. Long time no post. I have been writing, instead of talking about writing, and that is great. I am 50K words into Before I Sleep now, and clipping right along.

Yesterday I reached a milestone. I bought a binder. I wrote the first two books of The Settlement out of my head, but I am now to the point where I can’t keep details straight. How old would Mace Shepherd be now…? Which of Alex’s hands has a cafe-au-lait mark…? Did I ever tell you Anna’s ex-mother-in-law’s name?

I need notes. And when I’m writing notes, I want to do it by hand, not on a computer. So I have a red leather-look binder, a package of index tabs, and a ream of extremely nice cream-colored writing paper. I need to make sections of the binder for individual and settlement timelines, for family trees, for maps of the settlement and the world around it…

All I’m missing is my three hole punch, dangit. Where IS that?


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