Promises to Keep

All right everyone, Promises to Keep is now live in the Amazon Kindle Store. Enjoy!


The highly anticipated sequel to Katharine Tree’s debut novel Dark and Deep…

Don’t go into the woods alone. These words ring in Anna Woods’ head as her husband, Alexander Smith, returns her to the settlement after rescuing her from the monster Arthur Matheson. They want to believe they can carry on with life as usual, but soon find both their inner and outer worlds in upheaval as the settlement faces plague, famine, and war with a nearby settlement. When a pale stranger rides into camp, she brings death with her and changes Alex and Anna’s lives forever. Facing total annihilation, it is time for both of them to keep their promises… or lose themselves.

Promises to Keep brings back all the characters you know and love, and introduces a few new ones. There are new faces, new places, births, deaths, marriages, battles, kidnappings, rescues, clan, family, friendship, love, intense dislike, jealousy, rivalry, promises, trust, responsibility, fealty, feral Picts, looking back to the past, looking forward to the future, looking sideways at each other, and the slow loss and rebuilding of civilization plus all of the blacksmithing, philosophizing, knitting, bagpipes, tartan, tooled leather, pattern-welding, forest foraging, herbal brewing, spell-casting, and frontier medicine sort of goodness you’ve come to expect from The Settlement.


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