Alternate covers

Have a sexy cover, it’ll sell your book!

I am sticking with my woodsy book covers for now. The pictures are my own, which means I’ll never ever ever have rights issues with them, and as the Peanut Gallery observed about Dark and Deep‘s cover, “I like it. It looks dark. And deep.”

I have spent time thinking about sexier covers, though, and I thought it would be fun to share those with you, given that I’m about to release Promises to Keep along with an edition of Dark and Deep that includes an epigraph and acknowledgements. I either took all of these pictures, or have obtained the rights to distribute them pretty much however I see fit, so without further ado…

Here are the neutral and sexy Dark and Deep covers:


I really liked the image for the new one. Look, cropped pale brown hair, dent in the chin, muscley and all thoughtful. It’s my hero! Then the Peanut Gallery said “I don’t want ‘dark and deep’ when it’s some dude looking at his bait and tackle”, and then another member of the Peanut Gallery said that she preferred not to be fed images of the characters, so she can imagine them for herself. Fair enough.

Here are the two covers for Promises to Keep, first the neutral one I’ll actually use, and second the sexy one:


Ah me. I do love them both. My own picture of the field of milkweed is perfectly apt, so I am happy with it. The other one is pretty apt too, though.

I also had an idea about doing a series of covers with skulls. Dark and Deep: a trephined human skull. Promises to Keep: a bear’s skull. Before I Sleep: something I have a long time to figure out.

What do you think about the neutral covers vs. the sexy covers?


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