KDP Select and me


Big news about The Settlement.

I have decided to pull my books from Amazon’s KDP Select program when their current contracts expire on October 3. That means that I will be free to distribute them via other channels, and I think that this will benefit everybody. Right now you have to read my books via a Kindle device or the Kindle Reader App. This has led to lots of people reading my books under suboptimal circumstances… like on their phones.

I will continue to make my books available via Amazon, but they will no longer be available via the Kindle Lending Library or Kindle Unlimited.

After October 3, when Dark and Deep’s contract with KDP Select expires, I will publish via Smashwords. This will make my books available for Nook, iPad, and pretty much any other e-reader device you like. There will be a far broader distribution for my books, and that is great.

It will also free me up to set up my books with a print-by-demand service of my choice. I have fiddled with the service that Amazon allowed KDP Select books to be published through, and found it frustrating. There are other avenues, and I’ll be free to explore them. This will make it possible for people who want to read a paper copy (and I sympathize) to do so.

So, that’s that news. Exciting times ahead!


2 thoughts on “KDP Select and me

  1. It depends on both the book and the author. For new writers with few books and few sales, KDP Select gives them some really good tools to build up a readership through free promotions and Kindle Unlimited, which allows readers to sample new writers without worrying about the cost of each book. But if your books make steady sales on other sites, leave them alone. I think it’s worth it to have each book spend some time as a Select title before publishing it on other venues in order to take advantage of the promos. Currently three of my 10 titles are in Select.

    • You’re right that the promotions move a lot of copies and that the higher royalties are very encouraging. I’ll see how I feel about the multi-platform distribution. I very well might be singing a different tune a year from now.

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