Settlement stuff


I am in the “mellowing” phase of editing Promises to Keep. I haven’t had a swatch for what seems like ages, and won’t until August 20. Then I’ll do a final continuity read and tweak any parts that bother me. Then on August 29, it’ll be published!

I have 23K words of book 3 written, in the meantime. Anybody want to guess what the title will be?

I have been a knitter for years. I learned when I was seven and began to do it seriously a decade ago. The “serious” part tapered off, but I still have a couple of projects on the needles, always. This wooly cowl, made of Rowan Felted Tweed, is one of the current ones. It is my very favorite yarn, and looks homespun, to me.

The bracelet came from Etsy seller CeltSmith. I bought it while I was writing Dark and Deep. If you’ve read the book, I don’t need to explain its significance.

The pocket knife was my mother’s day present, when I was in the early part of writing Promises to Keep. It is pattern-welded steel with a bone handle. It’s far fancier than what the settlement would produce, but the striated color in the metal is absolutely accurate.


2 thoughts on “Settlement stuff

    • Probably just Before I Sleep… and no, nobody named Frost, but there will be a grumpy old hermit. Close enough.

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