A promise to keep


I have set August 29 as the publication date for The Settlement Book Two: Promises to Keep.

This means that, as long as the U.S. Copyright Office doesn’t mess with me (like they did when I published Dark and Deep), I will push the “publish” button on Amazon before I go to bed on August 28, and a few hours later, after Amazon’s bots have analyzed the smut-to-content ratio, it will be live for download.

What will this book have? All the characters you know and love, plus a few new ones. New faces, new places, births, deaths, marriages, battles, kidnappings, rescues, clan, family, friendship, love, intense dislike, jealousy, rivalry, promises, trust, responsibility, fealty, looking back to the past, looking forward to the future, looking sideways at each other, feral Picts, and the slow loss and rebuilding of civilization plus all of the blacksmithing, philosophizing, knitting, bagpipes, tartan, tooled leather, pattern-welding, forest foraging, herbal brewing, spell-casting, frontier medicine sort of goodness you’ve come to expect.

I’m stoked.


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