Treadmill time

Five days a week, I listen to music and walk for somewhere between 60 and 75 minutes. This is when I get my best ideas. This is when I have my mind to myself. This is when I proofread my stuff. I get seriously grumpy if I have to miss it.

Right now I’m writing the sequel to Dark and Deep, and meditating on a second prequel. Everything on my playlist is mood music for these projects. Here’s what’s on the playlist right now… the links go directly to the MP3 track downloads on Amazon.

PS: I am on the downward slope, with the first draft of Promises to Keep. I’m very much in the part of it when, every time I finish a scene, I have to play The Man. Best. Song. Ever.

I’ll Fly Away — Alison Krauss
The Man — Aloe Blacc
Ain’t No Sunshine — Bill Withers
Thank You — Dido
Boadicea — Enya
The Celts — Enya
Sundown — Gordon Lightfoot
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane — Norman Blake
Under the Double Eagle — Norman Blake
The Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee — Norman Blake
Church St. Blues — Norman Blake
Don’t Look Back In Anger — Oasis
Andalucia — Pink Martini
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) — The Proclaimers
Briefcase No. 1 — Tartanic
Steam Train to Mallaig — Tartanic
Hammer & Switch — Tartanic


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