Gems of dialogue

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Something that keeps happening in my writing is that I think of a line of dialogue looooong before I’m ready to write the scene it caps off, and I’m so excited about finally working that line in that it acts as a carrot for me, as a writer, to keep pumping out the verbiage so I can get to it. What lines have done that for me? Some of these are published and some aren’t, so see which ones you recognize. I’ve removed non-dialogue from around them, so they aren’t spoilers.

“This is mine… and this, ye craven arsehole, is yours.”

“They think I’m a scary son of a bitch.”

“You think you know me? You know nothing about me.”

“I been gettin’ aff at Paisley.”

“Oh God, please be gentle with me.”

“You tell them I’m the man.”

Can you think of lines of dialogue that your favorite author was obviously working toward? One really brilliant bit from The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover jumps out at me: “You know where it’s been.” Any more?


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