Praise for The Thin Line

Ah, feedback, the Nectar of the Gods. While writing fiction is its own reward, everyone craves feedback–especially of the positive variety. And I’ve gotten some.

First, on my Facebook page, from Kathryn:

“The Thin Line” was totally absorbing; I did nothing this afternoon but read it straight through and then gluttonously downloaded Dark and Deep and have only four hours and 17 minutes left in it. Wah! Can’t wait for the next one.

And second, in email from Nikki:

ALEX. Good heavens. A philosopher/blacksmith. Maybe it’s just that he’s my sort of man, but you do a great job in making me want him, while simultaneously make me want to protect him.

Shoot and SCORE, as far as this author is concerned. First, over and above everything else, I love to hear that people think my stuff is interesting. And if they love Alex too–all the better.

Want to try Alex for yourself? He’s right here and also here.

Do YOU love an independent author? Want to support them? Then write reviews. Review it if you loved it–also review it if you hated it. A really rip-roaring one-star review informs and entertains the readers and, ultimately, helps the author–even if the author takes a bottle of whiskey to a dark room after reading it.


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